Cyprus, Nicosia

What are the must-try local specialities in Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

Moussaka is the most famous dish that came to Cyprus from Greece. It is a very tasty aubergine and meat casserole. There are analogues of moussaka in many countries, but in Cyprus moussaka is the national dish and one of the most delicious pork or lamb dishes.

Kleftiko is a dish with a remarkable history, which Cypriots inherited from the kleptomaniac shepherds. Hungry shepherds used to steal a young lamb from the flock, and in order not to be suspected of stealing it, they used to cook the lamb in a pit under the fire, first coating it with clay. Shepherds just sat near the fire and it was not clear that they were actually cooking a delicious dinner. In the modern version, kleftiko is lamb cooked in a clay oven.

Stifado is beef stewed in red wine and tomato sauce, served with vegetables. The national dish of Cyprus.

Meze - found in almost all restaurants in Cyprus. Meze can be fish, meat, vegetarian or even beer meze. It is a large number of characteristic Cypriot fish/meat/vegetarian dishes or, in the case of beer meze, appetisers. A great excuse to try all the dishes a little bit at a time and choose your favourite.

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