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Top 5 foods of Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

The Mediterranean is known to have a very high quality and healthy diet. But Cyprus has its own products that should definitely be included in the daily menu, because they are the most useful and delicious.

So, olive oil is the pride of Cyprus. The island produces this product for export. Here you can find oil of any concentration and pressing, and you can buy it both in the shop and on the farm. Olive oil has a very favourable effect on the gastrointestinal tract, and many scientists agree that olive oil is the basis for Mediterranean longevity.

Goat Cheese and Haloumi Cheese. There are many cheeses in Cyprus, but the most delicious are the traditional halloumi, which is usually fried. And goat cheese - it can be added to salads, eaten with figs and even baked.

Citrus fruits are another pride of Cyprus. Mandarins, lemons and oranges grow on the island all year round. Salads, meat and fish dishes can't be imagined without lemons. And tangerine and orange trees are often grown just for beauty along the streets. We must admit that local citrus fruits are very tasty.

Prickly pear is the fruit of a cactus. A very peculiar local product, enriched with vitamins and microelements, you can taste it only in August.

Carob fruit - in Cyprus it is used to make chocolates and sweets. Unlike sugar, carob fruit and its products are very beneficial to health, and even help manage diabetes. It is essentially the local analogue of stevia, only better.

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