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Internet In Northern Cyprus

Updated: 4 months ago

Many individuals in Northern Cyprus express dissatisfaction regarding the substandard internet speed and its exorbitant cost. This predicament can be attributed to the presence of only two cables, namely turcyos 1 and turcyos 2, which connect to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. One of these cables is situated in Kyrenia, while the other is located in Iskele (Famagusta). Both cables are owned by the monopolistic enterprise known as Turk Telecom, which effectively dictates pricing and establishes the rules of engagement.

Considering that the initial cable was laid in 1993, its bandwidth remains remarkably limited. The second cable was not laid until 2013, a staggering two decades later, yet it is still incapable of handling the load, resulting in perpetual restrictions on internet speeds within Northern Cyprus.

Under normal circumstances, the internet speed in Northern Cyprus is restricted to a mere 20 megabits, and even that is solely attainable during periods of low network traffic. During peak hours, however, the speed plunges to 5 megabits or even lower. If an uninterrupted speed of 20 megabits is desired during peak hours, the tariff cost escalates by two to threefold.

While certain service providers do offer high-speed internet, their tariff plans commence at a minimum of 1000 euros per month for 100 megabits. Such tariffs primarily cater to banking institutions and brokerage firms.

An alternative solution lies in acquiring internet services from the cellular operator Turkcell, which functions as a regular service provider. In addition to mobile internet, Turkcell offers home internet services through EV Internet. This operator boasts a dedicated network that encompasses cellular towers spanning the entire island, thereby ensuring a slightly superior standard of service quality.

Nevertheless, there is a drawback as Turkcell lacks a direct cable connection to its central hub. The so-called "last mile" signal is transmitted via wireless channels (specifically Wi-Fi), resulting in a compromised signal quality upon reaching the end user. Consequently, all service providers install antennas to establish a wireless connection between them, thereby impacting the overall connection quality. The monthly service cost ranges from 220 to 290 Turkish lira, contingent upon the selected tariff plan and the desired speed.

To apply for a home internet connection through Turkcell, you can visit the operator's website here.

After submitting the application, all that remains is to await the installation process. If the nearest cellular tower is within a distance of no more than 4 kilometers, Turkcell employees will promptly arrive to install an antenna and establish the internet connection. The necessary equipment is provided free of charge.

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