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Where to find wineries in North Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

The Mediterranean region as a whole, and Cyprus in particular, have been fertile regions for grape cultivation and wine production for over a thousand years.

However, due to Ottoman influence in the past and Turkish influence in the present, wine production is not as extensive in the northern part of the island, although there are still a few wineries on the island.

Wineries in Northern Cyprus

винодельни северный кипр

Etel Winery

The most well-known winery in Northern Cyprus, wines from this brand can be found in any major store. The winery complex includes a restaurant, walking areas, and even a hotel.

Tasting programs can be done individually or accompanied by a walk through the vineyards and a tour. The tasting set includes six types of drinks. The prices vary, so it is best to check the website or contact them by phone for the current rates.

Elfie's Winery

This is a different type of winery - a home production where you won't find the wine in stores. However, they also have a restaurant and vineyard tours. The owners also produce their own cheese and dry meat, in addition to wine.

Of course, they offer tastings, which are held on Thursdays. They also offer six types of wine, and snacks such as a cheese plate and other light dishes are included. In March, the set cost 300 lira, but it's best to check the current prices on Instagram or by phone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Local Products in Northern Cyprus

What unique local products can be tried?

Among the things you are unlikely to find anywhere else, we recommend trying opuntia (edible cactus), as well as various dishes made from carob tree.

What is the main specialty in Northern Cyprus?

Of course, it is halloumi cheese, which is a true treasure of the island and is produced by both large factories and small farmers. To learn more about how halloumi is prepared in Cyprus, you can read about it here.

Where to find meat and fish to accompany the wine?

If you enjoy wine, you are likely to be a sociable and open person, and you may find the sections " Meetings" and "Chat for drinking enthusiasts" interesting on the largest Telegram forum in Northern Cyprus.

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Elfie`s Winery на карте
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