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How to check the property document in Northern Cyprus when purchasing a real estate?

Updated: 2 weeks ago

In the TRNC, there isn’t information on real estate objects in the public domain, where the addresses and names of the owners would be indicated. The buyer can’t verify the ownership independently.

The Land Registry (Tapu ve Kadastro Dairesi) contains all real estate data. Access to the register can only be obtained by the owners upon contacting the Land Registry or with a lawyer in case of a lawsuit. Therefore, after you have chosen an apartment, house, or non-residential premises, the owner must provide you with Taşınmaz mal koçan - a document confirming ownership. It is desirable to transfer this document to the study of an expert (in most cases this is a lawyer). In the Certificate of Ownership (taşınmaz mal koçanı) you can see information that will significantly affect the terms of the transaction. Self-checking is impossible. If important information is omitted from the document, the transaction may go wrong, starting with an incorrect description in the sales contract and ending with the impossibility of registering the contract in the Land Registry. And such mistakes are a reason to invalidate the purchase.

Be careful!

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