Cyprus, Nicosia

Avocado in Cyprus

Updated: 4 months ago

Winter in Cyprus is avocado season. From a botanical point of view, it’s a berry. Although many consider the avocado to be a fruit.

In Northern Cyprus, avocados are mainly sold by the piece - 25 liras per season. Fresh avocado contains fats, 20 types of vitamins, and a huge amount of trace elements.

Avocados are very low in calories, and low in carbs and sugar. Half of the fruit (approximately 68 g) contains 0.5 g of sugar (glucose, fructose, and galactose). Due to their low sugar content, avocados are classified as low-glycemic fruits.

This is an ideal product for weight loss and for improving potency. For those who want to lose weight, nutritionists advise having dinner with a salad of 1-2 avocados with cottage cheese, an egg, or yogurt. But to improve potency, it’s enough to eat one fruit a day regularly.

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