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Public Transport in Northern Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

There is public transport in Northern Cyprus, but it operates in a peculiar way here. You will not find comfortable buses running to the timetable in Northern Cyprus. Most of the locals have cars. But, if one still needs public transport, one can take private minibusses. They run within cities and between cities.

They do not have a schedule as such and run at intervals from 10 to 20 minutes. Minibusses are very different, some are old, and some are more or less comfortable. By the way, they can stop not only at a bus stop but at any place on the street if one wave to the driver.

Minibus ticket costs usually are written on a piece of paper hanging in the cabin, but if they are not there, carefully watch how much money the driver takes from locals because they can take several times more from foreigners.

For reference:

  • minibus Girne - Lefkosia - 30 lire
  • minibus Girne - Lapta - 25 lire
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