Cyprus, Nicosia

What language is spoken in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

The official language in Northern Cyprus is Turkish. It is used in all official capacities: official documents, road signs, names, and state media - all are in Turkish. But the most interesting thing is, the Turks themselves do not consider the language of Northern Cyprus as Turkish.

On the island, the Turkish-Cypriot dialect is commonly used, which is still different from the standard Turkish language. Due to the mix of cultures on the island, Turkish here is mixed with Greek, Arabic, and Italian words. Moreover, some words are only used by the inhabitants of Cyprus. By the way, the locals say about themselves: we are Turkish-Cypriots, emphasizing the difference between their nationality and the usual mainland Turks.

The second official language on the island is considered to be English, as Cyprus was a British colony for a long time.

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