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What to Do if They Damaged Your Luggage During the Flight?

Updated: 5 days ago

Baggage damage is not as big a problem as baggage loss and is much easier to cope with. If, on the luggage tape, you find your suitcases covered with an unknown liquid and accessories/locks broken or damaged, immediately go to a separate center at the airport. For example, one can see many such centers in the large Turkish airports of Antalya or Istanbul - depending on the carrier. Turkish Airlines also have such a center. The location of the low-cost carriers is different, and their service is worse.

By law, even if you did not have special luggage insurance, they had to draw up an act in your presence, indicating all the damage. The company takes responsibility for compensation for the damage - repair of suitcases/bags according to the receipt, which you will provide after repairing the damage or the purchase of new ones. Everything depends on the condition of your flown luggage. It takes ten days for Turkish Airlines to compensate for the losses.

We wish you a trouble-free flight, but if they still happen, act according to the law.

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