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Most viewed questions of 2023

Updated: 3 months ago

And here comes the year 2024. We don't know what the future holds, but we can tell you what interested readers in the past.


вопросы 2023 года

  1. Crossing from the northern to the southern part - consistently interests everyone visiting the TRNC. The article has accumulated over 32 thousand views.
  2. Where to buy a used car. Without a car on the island, nowhere to go, and almost 12 thousand people have already realized this.
  3. Mobile Internet - Without communication, nowhere to go, and 11.5 thousand readers wanted to clarify this aspect.
  4. Common medicines and their equivalents in Northern Cyprus. The interest of 9.5 thousand readers in this topic is absolutely understandable.
  5. Taxis in Northern Cyprus. We already know public transportation, and this request is also clear to 9 thousand visitors.
  6. Self-application for a residence permit. We explain what and how, and almost 7 thousand people appreciated it.
  7. Farmers' markets. Everyone loves fresh food, especially the 6.5 thousand who read this article.
  8. Registering a phone in Northern Cyprus. More than 5.5 thousand people wanted to know how to legally use their smartphones.
  9. TRNC stamp in the passport - Is it possible not to put it? This question interested more than 5 thousand website visitors.
  10. Banks in Northern Cyprus. 5 thousand people wanted to know whether to open an account for a residence permit or simply use non-cash payment on the island.

We wonder what will interest you this year. If there's a question you'd like to get an answer to, you can ask it in the comments on our Telegram channel!

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